Iliff Commons Shopping Center
12201-12293 East Iliff Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80014
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Type: Retail
Class: B
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Measurement/Yardstick: 72,991 Sq Ft
Number of Buildings: 5
Number of Floors: 1
Occupancy: 93%
Year Built: 1980
Year Renovated: 1994
Property is a 72,991 sf unanchored ethnic retail center located in Aurora, CO, 10 miles SE of the Denver CBD. 1980 vintage Class-B on 6.99 acres improved by 3 single-story, multi-tenant buildings and 2 single-story, single tenant buildings. Surface parking ratio is 4.51:1,000 sf. Panera is the most recognizable tenant, but the rent roll has an ethnic composition (Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian, African & Russian) which reflects the diverse neighborhood where it is located. Excellent high traffic intersection with over 40K DTCs (E/W) and 31K (N/S).
Iliff Commons Shopping Center

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Brad Lyons
Tel: 720-528-6351